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3.0MW  Liquid-cooling Full-power Integrated wind turbine power inverter

3.0MW Liquid-cooling Full-power Integrated wind turbine power inverter

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Liquid-cooled Full-power Integrated Converter

Performance Features:

1. Integrated structure design
· Optimize the design of the outer pipeline to decrease the pipeline length.
· The inlet and outlet water pipe are both on the bottom end of the cabinet, can effectively save the installation holes space.
· The ingress protection of liquid-cooled machine and converter is the same as IP54, which is easy to use in harsh environment.
· The liquid-cooled machine and the converter adopt an integral structure, compact structure, for the convenient transportation and hoisting.
2. Control integration
· More accurate detection of water temperature and pressure of the inlet and outlet.
· The liquid-cooled machine is controlled by the converter, without the need of external control, so the coordination logic is more excellent. The converter can respond to the abnormal condition of the liquid-cooled machine in time.
3. Maintenance integration
· The operation and maintenance of the liquid-cooled system can be monitored by remote network monitoring system.
· Unified maintenance by Hopewind, service responses and spare parts reserves are consistent with the converter.

· The unified background monitoring software can real-time monitor the operating status of liquid-cooled machine and fault records, to realize the unified customer service inspections.

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Operating Voltage 552V~759V
Operating Frequency (Grid-side) 47.5Hz~52.5Hz / 57Hz~63Hz
Grid-side Maximum Continuous Current 2930A
Grid-side Overload Current
Generator-side Maximum
Continuous Current
Generator-side Overload Current
Grid Voltage Harmonics (Tolerance) 5%
Grid Voltage Unbalance (Tolerance) 8%
Efficiency 97%
Noise 70dB
Operating Temperature Ambient temperature-30~50 45~50 derating
Storage Temperature -40~70
Altitude Standard Type:≤2000m  Plateau Type2000m~5000m
Cooling Type Liquid-cooling
Ingress Protection IP54
LVRT Meet the national standard, the European E.ON2006
Outline dimensions W*H*Dmm 2700*2380*1300

①Support running under 1.3 times of rated voltage

②Please consult Hopewind for the solutions of other frequency range

③Please consult Hopewind for the solutions of 4000m above

* Above ①②③ are common to the entire series of full-power converters


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