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A Batch of 2MW Hopewind Wind Power Converters Combined to the Grid of Wind Farm at the China Power I


In December 2013, the distributed low-temperature plain type of 2.0MW doubly-feed converters independently developed by Hopewind finished the commissioning of Phase I and II and was successfully combined to the grid for power generation at the Summer Camp.

The wind farm was located at the Summer Camp of Holingol City, a typical demonstrative project of distributed type wind power on the spot. The area has an average altitude of 1,100 meters, which has a cold and long winter with heavy ice and snow. The wind power generator set is running exposed to a poor environment of -25℃ for a long time. The wind farm has a gross installed capacity of 300MW. The project is divided into three phases, 50 sets in each phase, totaling 150 sets,all adopting Hopewind 2.0MW distributed low-temperature plain type doubly-feed converter. The construction of the said farm started in early May, 2013. By the end of December, Hopewind had finished the commissioning of the 100 converters of Phase I and Phase II.

Since successfully developed in 2009, Hopewind 2.0MW doubly-feed converter has operated in batch at more than 20 wind farms across China for its excellent performance. It has won unanimous praise among the owners for its splendid performance. This time the application of distributed low temperature type was an effective supplementation to the large-scale distributed wind power generation.

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