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Double-inverter Container

Double-inverter Container

 (Two Inverters)
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Two Inverters
1.6MW, 2MW, 2.5MW/520V C&D grid-connected inverter room
1MW (270V/320V/360V), 1.25MW (290V/320V/360V), 1.6MW/360V centralized grid-connected inverter room
2MW, 2.5MW/DC1500V, AC540V centralized grid-connected inverter room

1、Adapt to high altitude and low temperature environment
2、Film capacitor design
3、Background oscilloscope and fault recording function
4、Fast tracing speed, high precision and wide range of MPPT technology
5、Advanced anti-isolation technology through active and passive dual-detection
6、Patented IGBT drive and ventilation design
7、Computer debugging bracket and 220V socket
8、Automatic disconnection control for DC-side switch, ensure high automation and safe operation
9、With convenient touch screen operation interface, monitoring system and a wide variety of communication interfaces
10、With AC/DC double soft starts and AC/DC double power supply redundancy, the LVRT can be realized without using UPS or other outside auxiliary power supply
11、The strong adaptability to power grid and powerful inhibition capability for harmonic wave of power grid and three phase imbalance as well as wide idle-regulating scope, fully guarantee the power generation quality
12、1500V inverter has LVRT certificate
13、IP54 standard container design for easy transportation and installation
14、AC and DC power distribution and heat dissipation integrated design to reduce on-site construction costs
15、Built-in single inverter, flexible selection of external transformers, access to AC grids of different voltage levels

Subject : Double-inverter Container

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