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HD8000 Series Medium Voltage Engineering Type variable frequency drive manufacturers

HD8000 Series Medium Voltage Engineering Type variable frequency drive manufacturers

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HD8000 Series Medium Voltage Engineering Type Variable Frequency Drive System

Product Introduction:

1.The "system level" design and modularization units of accessory engineering, to facilitate the expansion of power and customized engineering combination, to meet meet the flexibility of application and integration of system.
2. Engineering reliability design concept, using IGCT and crimping power module, with two-level, three-level, five-level and seven-level topology; fewer devices, high reliability.
3. With our rich range of products and solutions, can provide a direct replacement for CC, LCI products; grid level supporting 1.65kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, with 3MW-90MW power coverage.
4. Complete rectifier front-end, including basic rectifier, intelligent feedback rectifier and AFE rectifier; can providing a common bus two-quadrant/four-quadrant transmission system according to customer demand.
5. Ultra high power density, minimal footprint.
6. Use of deionized water cooling scheme, internal heat dissipation using the wind-water heat exchanger; high protection level, up to IP65.
7. Can be seamlessly connected with the mainstream PC, in addition to supporting the mainstream Profibus, CANopen, ModBus RTU protocol, but also supports TCP/IP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and other protocols.
8. Excellent control performance; when sudden increase of rated torque, the current response time is about 5ms under the torque control mode.
9. Strong adaptability of the grid to support a wide range of input power grid; better adaptability of unbalanced grid and harmonic distortion grid.
10. The product can be suitable for asynchronous induction motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor and electric excitation synchronous motor.
11. Providing a quick debugging tool hopeInsight, can achieve intelligent wizard, graphical configuration, fault recording and 12-channels background oscilloscope ,for more convenient network debugging.
12. Hopewind Cloud Data Management Services be used to achieve "zero" distance monitoring, providing customers with advanced data analysis and diagnostic services, reducing unplanned downtime.
13. Products can be widely used in metallurgical steel rolling, oil and gas transportation, mining machinery, marine equipment, test bench, offshore wind power, pumped storage and other industrial fields.

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2205 2210 2220 3310 2620 AA30 6640 AA60 6660 AA90
Input voltage 1650V 1650V 1650V 3300V 1900V 10kV 6600V 10kV 6600V 10kV
Input frequency 4566Hz
Overload capacity Overload 60s (relative to 115% rated current), 
overload 10s(relative to 125% rated current)
Operation efficiency 99% 
Fundamental  0.95rated current, equipped with 2% AC input reactor
power factor
Protection function Overload protection, overtemp protection, etc.
Input frequency 4566Hz
Overload capacity Overload 60s (relative to 115% rated current), 
overload 10s(relative to 125% rated current)
Operation efficiency 98.5% 
Power factor Can be adjusted (normally set to 1)
Protection function Overload protection, short circuit protection, fault pre-judgment, etc.
Output voltage 1650V 1650V 1650V 3300V 6600V 10kV 6600V 10kV 6600V 10kV
Maximum output  80Hz 80Hz 80Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz
Steady speed precision OLVC0.2% CLVC0.1%(0Hz) OLVC0.4% CLVC0.2%(0Hz)
Velocity fluctuation OLVC0.2% CLVC0.1%(0Hz) OLVC0.4% CLVC0.2%(0Hz)
Starting torque OLVC150%(0.5Hz)  OLVC130%(0.5Hz) 
CLVC200%(0Hz) CLVC150%(0Hz)
Torque control V/Fnot support  OLVCsupport  V/Fnot support  OLVCsupport  CLVCsupport
Torque precision OLVC5% CLVC5% OLVC5% CLVC5%
Torque time OLVC10ms CLVC10ms OLVC15ms CLVC15ms
Speed corresponding  OLVC100ms CLVC100ms OLVC150ms CLVC150ms
Dynamic speed  OLVC0.3% CLVC0.5%(0Hz) OLVC0.6% CLVC1%(0Hz)
drop equivalent
Temperature Inlet water temperature40°C
Altitude 4000m (2000m ~ 4000m derating use)
Ingress Protection IP54
Cooling method Liquid-cooling
Anticorrosion grade C4

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