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HIM Series Controller regulator monitor

HIM Series Controller regulator monitor

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HIM Series Controller

Hopewind wind power main control development platform, with full absorption and integration of domestic and foreign advanced technology and design ideas — high performance CPU, real time Linux operating system, distributed design and 100M high-speed internal bus, is a controller that can change the control strategy by programming or software configuration. Because the controller has the characteristics of easy programming, flexible expansion, fast communication, reliable performance and so on, it is suitable for the main controller development platform of wind power generation (single or double cabinet layout) and also for the development of control system in other industrial control fields.

Integral Structure: Main control module, digital modules, analog modules, backboard components

System Block Diagram:

Performance Characteristics:
1.Support for real time wave recording
2.High performance ARM processor
3.Remote upgrade module
4.Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration
5.TF card, USB mass storage
6.Support C and ST language program development
7.Linux real-time kernel, support up to 10ms program execution cycle
8.Using EtherCAT backboard bus connection, fast and stable signal transmission
9.Providing rich signal interface, through the module configuration to fully meet the development and application of wind turbine master control

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Specification Introduction
Operating Voltage  24VDC±10% 
Operating Frequency 400/500Mhz 
Operating Temperature -30°C~+55°C 
Digital Input 9~24VDC 
Digital Output 9~24VDC 
Code Input Isolated encoder signal input 
Frequency Input  0~1K Pulse Input 
Analog Input  0~20mATwo way can be configured as 0~10V 
Analog Output 0~20mA 
Pt100 Input -60°C~+150°C
CAN Interface 125k/250k/500k/1Mbps 
RS485 Interface 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200bps 
Ethernet Interface 10/100M self-adaption 
Usb Host  480Mbps USB2.0
Optical Fiber Interface  9600/19200/38400/57600/115200/230400/460800/921600bps
Storage Temperature -40°C ~+70°C 
Altitude 4000m
Cooling Type  Natural cooling 
Ingress Protection IP20

Subject : HIM Series Controller regulator monitor

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