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hopeInsight Wind Power Inverter Monitoring Software

hopeInsight Wind Power Inverter Monitoring Software

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hopeInsightTM Monitoring Software

hopeInsightTM monitoring software, which is commonly known as the background software, is suitable for all products of our company. The software has a large number of professional debugging functions, such as batch parameter setting, fault data download and waveform analysis, high speed oscilloscope and a large number of editing functions, etc. The software supports serial port or Ethernet, so the software is able to maintain converters through the serial communication, also in the central control room through the Ethernet. hopeInsightTM can be used for a single converter monitoring, also be used as a component of hopeViewTM. Taking the converter as an example, the working schematic diagram is as follows:

Functional descriptions:
Parameter monitoring:View converter operation state, power generation, motor speed and other main information, view converter any parameter value information, to facilitate a detailed understanding of the converter working state.
Equipment debugging:Boot settings (converter clock calibration, models power configuration, rated frequency and other information, motor parameters setting), loading parameters file, modifying the writeable parameters.
Data acquisition:Save all the parameter values to the file, obtain the event record data, save the fault site record and the grid fault record, get the parameter real-time waveforms.

Data analysis:Load the parameter files and view each parameter values;load the event records, view the event records detailed information; load converter fault records/grid fault waveform files and view waveform information before and after the failures for each channel.

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Subject : hopeInsight Wind Power Inverter Monitoring Software

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