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HV330 PV solar Pump inverter HV330 PV solar Pump inverter

HV330 PV solar Pump inverter

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HV330 Inverter for PV Pump

In some areas, people still use inefficient, energy waist to obtain water for domestic and irrigation, such as waterwheel, diesel pumps, manpower pumping, or manpower carry. Along with the technology improved and the environment protection demand, the PV water pumping system is perfectly meet the requirement of people’s demand of water. And solar is renewable energy, green and clear with no pollution, is meet the demand of environment protection as well.
PV water pumping system is that, make the solar energy convert to electric energy (DC) through photovoltaic panels, then access the direct current to the inverter, and drive the pump, make the water from lower place to higher place to stored for use of life, agriculture and industry. And the inverter could adjust the drive frequency according to the intensity of the sunlight, and automatically star and stop according to the water level of the wells and the water tank, totally smart control.


1. Max Power Point Trace (MPPT) Technology, which maximize the PV power generation efficiency.
2. Adjusting the pumping speed according to the sunlight intensity.
3. Automatically detecting the water level of the well, and stop running when it is at the low water level, which prevent the pump idling.
4. Automatically detecting the water level of the reservoir, that star running when water level is at the low point, and stop running when water level is at the high point, which prevent the water overflow in the reservoir.
5. It could access to external power – such as electric power or diesel engine – as the backup power source, when it is in the rainy days or the sunlight is weak, the inverter could switch to the backup source immediately.
6. Intelligent thermal protection design for IGBT module, which ensure the reliability of the product.
7. Complete protection system - over/under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, phase-loss, over-heat, low water level auto-stop, etc.
8. Powerful inverter management software – HVManager, which could be realized the function of programming, debugging, setting parameters, monitoring, etc.

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Major Parameters:

Series 200Vac~240Vac, three phase 380Vac~480Vac, three phase
Main  Power Supply PV Arrays
Power  Rated DC Input Voltage 310Vdc 540Vdc
Input MPPT Voltage Range 280Vdc~360Vdc 350Vdc~750Vdc
Max DC Input Voltage 400Vdc 800Vdc
Aux  Power Supply Grid Power/Aux AC Generator
Input Rated AC Input Voltage 1 Phase/3 Phase:200Vac~220Vac 3 Phase:380Vac~480Vac
Output Rated Output Voltage 3 Phase:200Vac~240Vac 3 Phase:380Vac~480Vac
Output Freq Range 0~50Hz/60Hz
MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
Max Transform Efficiency 98.00%
Protection Short-circuit, over-current, over-load, over-voltage, under-voltage, 
lack of phase, overheat, external fault, etc.
Ambient Temperature -10~+55 (40 above derated)
Cooling Method Forced air-cooling
Enclosure IP20
Control Method Keyboard, Terminal, Communication

Mechanical Dimensions:

Size W W1 W2 H H1 D D1 Mounting  Weight
mm(in.) mm(in.) mm(in.) mm(in.) mm(in.) mm(in.) mm(in.) Hole  kg(lbs.)
Ø mm(in.)
A 97.4 80 202.4 190 148.8 5 1.4
-3.83 -3.15 -7.97 -7.48 -5.86 -0.2 -3.1
B 142 123.5 220.4 208 155.5 5 2.2
-5.59 -4.86 -8.68 -8.19 -6.12 -0.2 -4.9
C 163.1 142 300 280 176.8 6 4.5
-6.42 -5.59 -11.81 -11.02 -6.96 -0.24 -9.9
D 238.5 184 92 370 356.5 189 7 8.8
-9.39 -7.24 -3.62 -14.57 -14.04 -7.44 -0.28 -19.4
E 238.5 184 92 435.5 422 200.3 7 12.1
-9.39 -7.24 -3.62 -17.15 -16.61 -7.89 -0.28 -26.7
E1 320 210 510 490 226 222.5 8 20
-12.6 -8.27 -20.08 -19.29 -8.9 -8.76 -0.31 -44.1

Subject : HV330 PV solar Pump inverter

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