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Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 603063) focuses on the research & development, manufacture, sales and service of new energy & electric drive products, with main products of wind power generation products, photovoltaic generation products and industrial drive products, and owns overall independent development & testing platforms of high-power power electric equipment and monitor system. Through the innovation of technology and service, the company continuously creates value for customers and has become one of the most competitive enterprises in new energy field.

In the field of new energy, Hopewind products cover 850kW~8.0MW wind power converters, 3kW~1.25MW PV inverters and 1.0MW~5.0MW PV conversion containers. In the field of industrial drive, Hopewind provides solutions from 0.4kW to 60MW, which is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other various industrial applications. In the power quality improvement and management field, Hopewind provides APF and SVG with 30kvar~40Mvar single-machine capacity, and special power supply products, which are widely used in the field of subway, telecommunication, metallurgy, petroleum industry, automobile manufacturing, papermaking and so on. In the field of port, Hopewind provides 0.5kW~20MW shore power supply system, widely used in frequency-/voltage-change power supply occasions, such as large ports, large cruise terminals and a variety of special wharfs. In the electric vehicle industry, Hopewind provides 4kW~20kW charging modules and 30kW~320kW battery chargers. Combining with the technology of wind-solar integration, it can provide clean power for urban traffic.

Always pursuing the business philosophy of “becoming stronger through technological innovation and reliance on talents”, the company employs an expanding team composed of talents of high caliber and technical expertise, some of whom are even holding master or doctor degrees. Among them, those holding bachelor degrees and above account for 50% and those holding master degrees and above account for 30% of the total. In the R&D team, the staff holding master degrees even account for 60% of total R&D people. It is our HR development strategy to “respect and value talents”. Meanwhile, we are providing our staff with great room for development, harmonious and congenial working environment as well as competitive compensation and benefits.

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