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Main Control System Main Control System

Main Control System

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Main Control Electric System

Hopewind has the design, production and testing capacities of main control electrical system. According to the electrical topology of the wind turbine unit, we can provide single cabinet type and make the design and production of the double cabinet type package plan. The system meets the corresponding standards of GB 7479-2010/IEC 60446:2007, GL2010 and so on.

The main control cabinets designed and manufactured by Hopewind have all passed the internal type tests, such as ESD, radiated electromagnetic field immunity, insulation resistance, high voltage endurance, vibration、protection, high and low temperature, lightning protection, and overall machine whole functions on-site operation test.
Hopewind can customized the cabinet size according to the customer requirements.

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Performance Features:
1.Yawing optimization self-adaptive control
Based on the actual analysis of the on-site wind turbine units, the influence of the yawing system on the power generation of the wind turbine units is greater than that of the variable-speed variable-pitch control strategy. The control algorithm of Hopewind by improving the yawing control strategy, which greatly improves the efficiency and stability of the wind turbine units.
2.Optimal torque control
The control method of a given rotational speed torque is adopted in the variable-pitch wind turbine units. In the traditional fan control strategy, the torque is given by means of look-up table method. The method cannot maximize the use of wind energy, especially the low efficiency before or after the rated wind speed. At present, the advanced control strategy uses the optimal tracking control algorithm, and the efficiency is improved obviously. Compared with the look-up table method, the full-generation wind speed can be reduced by 0.5m/s ~ 1.0m/s, and power is increased by 1%-3% in 9m/s~11m/s wind speed segment.
3.Cut-out wind speed section active power limit strategy,to extended power generation time
Hopewind main control optimizes the control strategy, that reduce the unit power actively while the cut- out wind speed section, under the premise of ensuring the safety of unit load, to extend power generation time and improve the strategy of cut-out wind speed, so as to improve the power generation.
4.Pitch adaptive control
Compared to the common control algorithm, the main control algorithm has been optimized for special severe wind conditions, to solve the problems of over-speed caused by the gale and gust, grid-connecting difficulties/frequent grid separations during typhoon weather and other problems in the industry. By collecting the real-time speed and power of the wind turbine, the wind turbine low wind condition can be calculated, so as to adjust the current optimum pitch angle, and enhance the power generation 5%-10% in the weak wind conditions. In the same way, it can also change the propellers actively to prevent the unit from early stall before the rated power.
5.The function of decreasing off-grid and increasing generation time in low wind
Through the transformation of the converter by Hopewind, the main control can be realized hot standby mode under the current low wind state. When the wind turbine is during the short-time low wind, the converter is keeping connected to the grid with the active power is 0, then in-time generation while wind speed rise.
6.Redundancy function for two sets of wind speed direction instrument
Hopewind main control has the function of self-checking and mutual-checking for two sets of wind speed direction instrument. After the failure of the first set of wind speed and direction instrument is detected, the second set of instrument is automatically switched, and the stop time and statistical error caused by the failure are reduced.
7.A more perfect state code system, to maximize the protection of the unit safety and to make fault diagnosis efficient
Hopewind main control defines the coverage range and rich property status code system, to maximize the protection of the safety of the units, in particular, to strengthen protection in harsh conditions, such as power curve monitoring (frozen condition), turbulence intensity monitoring. With 5 kinds of brake rating and shutdown status attributes and combined with the Hopewind SCADA system , it makes fast and accurate fault diagnosis, thus taking more detailed and specific fault diagnosis to the matching Hopewind converters.
8.Complete log system
The controller stores a complete set of operation log, including the status code log, the fault log (multiple sampling period), the main status log, the ten minute statistics log, the controller access event log, etc.. The history log storage period is long with data storage security.
The controller will be periodically uploaded to the server for long time storage, and the logs can be queried and printed through the SCADA system.

Subject : Main Control System

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