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service and support

1. Small module design and convenient maintenance, available for single pre-maintenance; saving the storage space and cost for main spare parts

2. Professional and well-trained team

3. Localization service advantage: fast response

4. Press close to customer requirements to the largest extent and make rapid technological improvements according to the customer requirements

5. Clear electric layout and convenient maintenance of the whole machine

6. Intelligent commissioning software and convenient on-site commissioning

7. The fault recorder designed at the bottom facilitates the fault diagnosis

8. 24-hour service response hotline; arrive within 48 hours in near distance, and 72 hours in long distance

9. With the double backup of spare parts and technical service personnel, improve the index of utilization rate

10. Simple and complete spare parts

11. Spare parts storehouses are arranged in key areas to shorten the supply time

Meeting customer requirements is the development impetus for Hopewind
Providing rapid services is the value manifestation of Hopewind

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