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  •  Simplified VFD
    HV310 Simplified VFD frequency inverter
    HV310 Simplified Drive The HV310 drive is a simplified drive with V/F control and open loop vector control modes. Compared with HV300, the HV310 has no keypad, fewer I/O terminals, and simpler software. It is designed for use in simple applications that do not require direct parameter editing on the drive. This form of simplified drive may be appropriate for controlling the following plastic machines, small pumps, printing machines, blowers, centrifuges, low power textile machines and wood and metal cutting machines. Features: 1. High performance open loop vector control. 2. Advanced VF control. 3. Excellent S-ramp acceleration and deceleration profiling. 4. Fast autotune. 5. Dual CPU processor. 6. Using the latest PIM (power integrated module). 7. Standard built-in brake unit. 8. Internal EMC filter with breakpoint design to allow convenient switching by user. 9. Sealed circuit board for better environment immunity. 10. Flexible digital input terminals with user configurable polarity. 11. Reference (current) loose, trip or not could be selected. 12. Thermal model design, real-time calculation IGBT junction temperature to make sure IGBT working reliable. 13. Wireless fan block design, easy to replace. 14. Simple function blocks, easy to do the parameter setup. 15. Run at reduced capacity with single phase input in the event of loss of 3 phase input. 16. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) keeps output voltage stable during input voltage transients. 17. Switching frequency automatic adjustment. 18. Catch spinning motor function. 19. DC injection brake. 20. Skip frequency function to avoid undesirable resonant speeds. 21. Powerful electronic potentiometer function, adjust reference conveniently. 22. Standard MODBUS-RTU. 23. Comprehensive protection function: Fast protection for output shortage, over current, over load, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over heat (heatsink and junction), external trip, etc. 24. 4 preset speeds (decided by control terminals). If you want to know some information about our company,pls check our website:
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