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Utility PV Inverter Utility PV Inverter Utility PV Inverter

Utility PV Inverter

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1、High Efficiency
▪ Max. DC voltage 1100V
▪ Max. efficiency 99.2%
▪ 4 channels of MPPT
▪ High precision & intelligent string detection
▪ 40kW~50kW natural cooling, 70kW~100kW smart air cooling
▪ Support 1.1-1.3 times over configure, compatible with bifacial PV modules
▪ Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module and provide full range of lightning protection
▪ Optional night repair PID module
▪ Meet requirements of active and reactive power regulation
▪ Support ZVRT
▪ Optional PLC power line carrier communication technology and no need for RS485 communication cable
▪ Support mobile phone APP and view inverter status information

Subject : Utility PV Inverter

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