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  • Wind Turbine Universal Converter
    Doubly-fed Converter-Air Cooling Type
    Air-cooled Doubly-fed Converter Performance Features: 1. Leading control technology: Adapt to the harsh environment of the grid, protect the user’s investment proceeds 2. High reliability design:Tolerance to the working environment with harsh climate, vibration and so on 3. High power density:Miniaturization design of components and modules to make the installation and maintenance easy and rapid 4. Rich and flexible external interface:Perfectly match with various types of motors and control systems 5. Easy and simple maintenance; high cost performance:Especially suitable for the situations with high altitude, high temperature, low temperature and so on 6. Perfect system monitoring and fault diagnosis:hopeInsight monitoring software can realize remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of single converter, hopeViewTM network monitoring system can realize networking and monitoring of converters in the wind field and remote scheduling of converters’ active and reactive power If you want to know some information about our company,pls check our website:
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